Scholarships I (for all students)

To apply for a scholarship I, please submit the following required material along with the student application form. Professors and the festival office will examine and select one or two students in each class who will be provided with a scholarship 1) or 2) below;

1) Exemption from half of class fee
    (Students will need to pay only half of the class fee for the class they are attending.)
2) Partial support for international travel costs
    (Only for students with foreign nationality living outside of Japan)
From Asia…………………………… maximum 50,000JPY
From North America, Europe………maximum 100,000JPY
Required Material for application for Scholarships I
1.  A written statement (on one A4-size sheet of paper) explaining why you wish to attend the master class program.
2.  A letter of recommendation from a mentor (This should be a letter written within the past year by a current or former mentor with whom you have studied. Please be sure to provide the mentor’s contact information.)

Scholarships II (for students from Asia Ex. Korea and Taiwan)

By discussion of concerned guest artists and the festival office, half of the class fee will be supported for the students who are recommended by the guest artists upon request of the festival office.

Scholarships III (for cello students)

Partial flight cost of cello seat will be supported according to the following standard for cello students with foreign nationality living outside of Japan who have bought a flight ticket for cello seat;

From Asia……………………………maximum 30,000JPY
From North America, Europe………maximum 50,000JPY

It is necessary to submit the receipt as proof of purchasing cello seat.

  • All applicants will be notified of the selection results, along with the tape audition results, in early June.
  • Persons who are or will be receiving a scholarship from another organization or group are not eligible to apply.