Master classes


In principle, lessons are given individually on one-to-one basis. (The number of students in each class varies, but is approximately 10 to 15 students.) The lesson schedule will be determined after a discussion with the professor at a class meeting on the first day.

Cello Class

During the festival period, each student will take about 4 lessons. All students will take Prof. Tsutsumi’s lessons and Prof. Lee’s lessons. In some cases students will also take lessons from cellists participating in the music festival. There will be also cello class recitals in which all the cello students are encourage to perform.

Vocal Class

Any voices (Sop, Mez, Alt, Ten, Bar and Bass) are welcome. At the end of the lesson, vocal class concert will be given and all students will participate in.
[Set Piece] Arias from W.A.Mozart’s Opera (All students should prepare for any arias, duos, trio, etc.).

Chamber Music Class


  • Individual participants are to work with professors or other students. Study works and ensemble members will be decided by professors. (Applicant’s request may not be satisfied due to inconvenient number of applicants or instrumentation.)


  • Group participants are to study with appointed professors.
  • Each student has a chance to perform at the “Chamber Music Class Concert” held in the second half of the term.

Open Lessons

Please note that lessons will be open to the public.
(Additional fee is required except for students).


A piano accompanist will be assigned.
Interpreters (professors’ language to Japanese) will be provided for classes taught by foreign professors.

Optional Lessons (Orchestra Study/Chamber Music)

Students may take optional lessons in addition to the lessons of each master class. (Additional fee is required.)
If you wish to take optional lessons, please indicate this on the application form.

  • The repertoire will be informed in advance and the music should be prepared by each student accordingly.

Chamber Music Optional Lesson

Group lessons of the following study pieces will be held. One lesson is 60 minutes long and about two lessons will be held. Specific study pieces and members of groups will be decided by festival professors. Please understand in advance that applications may not be always accepted if there are too many applicants or for instrumentation circumstances.
<Study Pieces>
Beethoven/ Piano Trio in B-flat major, Op. 11 1st mov.
Mozart/ Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor, K. 478 1st mov.
*The music should be prepared by each student accordingly.

Chamber Music Faculty

  • Shigeo NERIKI(Pf)
  • Katsuya MATSUBARA (Vn)
  • Masahiro TANAKA(Vc)
  • Other…

Orchestra Study

The lesson is specifically designed for playing in orchestra that differs from playing solo. We will select orchestral repertory that is important for each particular instrument. There will be two or so lessons for Orchestra Study and Chamber Music respectively, during the master class period.

Orchestra Study Faculty

Flute    Shigenori KUDOU
Trumpet    Osamu TAKAHASHI
Horn    Takeshi HIDAKA