Kirishima International Music Festival
Message from the Presenters

First, we would like to offer our heartfelt prayers for those who lost their lives as a result of the Tohoku Earthquake, and our deepest sympathy to all of the disaster victims.

In response to the unprecedented disaster and the unimaginable damage it caused, various efforts to assist the victims are being carried out both in Japan and around the world.

In a situation such as this, music has the power to give us comfort and strength, empathy and emotion; to strengthen community bonds and provide hope for the future. As the presenters of the Kirishima International Music Festival, we are preparing for the July festival opening in hopes that through music we can help lift the spirits of those who have suffered; that the recovery of individual vitality will help restore the energy of Japan as a whole; and that this will lead to further efforts to support the disaster victims.

The participating artists and everyone involved in the music festival will do their utmost to bring timeless, borderless, uplifting classical music to those affected by the disaster and help them find joy and enthusiasm once again.

The Kirishima International Music Festival, which will be held this year for the 32nd time, has nurtured the artistry of many musicians active on the world stage, and contributed to the advancement of international exchange and cultural progress through music. It has become one of the leading music festivals in Asia and earned an outstanding reputation both inside and outside Japan.

Building on past achievements, this year’s festival will once again welcome acclaimed musicians from around the world and many talented students, and present a wide spectrum of concerts and events in the main venue, Kirishima International Music Hall (Miyama Concert), as well as in other locations.

All of us working on the festival will do our utmost in support of those affected by the Tohoku Earthquake, and we will be grateful for your assistance and cooperation.

May 10, 2011

Satoshi Mitazono,
Governor of Kagoshima Prefecture
Kunihiko Saito,
Chairman of the Board, Japan Music Foundation JESC
Kazuo Inamori,
Chairman, Kagoshima Prefecture Foundation for the Promotion of Culture